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Vote on Capital Improvement Budget community proposals

Voting is underway for community members to weigh in on several proposed projects in St. Paul, including improvements to Jefferson Ave. and along the Same Morgan Trail in the West End.

This year’s Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) has 10 projects submitted by community members to improve infrastructure in the city. Projects will be rated on a number of factors, one of which being resident feedback.

The CIB is how the City funds the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, including improvements in streets, bridges, libraries, parks, recreation centers and other public facilities and infrastructure. 

In 2019, the City changed to a two-year cycle for CIB projects, with even-numbered years dedicated to community-created projects and odd-numbered years reserved for city departments to apply.

The online polling from the community provides additional data that the CIB Committee may use while considering which projects to recommend. 

In both years, the CIB Committee forwards recommended capital improvement budgets for the following two fiscal years to the Mayor by late June.

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One thought on “Vote on Capital Improvement Budget community proposals

  • Traffic calming on Jefferson!? No, you just dug up and put bike lane and bump outs a few years ago. Never encounter crazy speeders on Jefferson but you could start ticketing them on Oneida,Erie and Grace as they fly over the tracks for 2 blocks between stop signs! Now those streets are an issue. In one block from St Clair to Jefferson/ W7th they excelerate and crossing street is dangerous.


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