Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When did the Community Reporter start publishing?

The Community Reporter has been serving the West End neighborhoods, downtown St. Paul to Fort Snelling, since 1970.

What is the focus of the Community Reporter?

We provide readers with information regarding community issues and events, business developments and historical perspectives. We are a nonprofit newspaper published and managed by a tax-exempt corporation of community volunteers.

Where can I pickup a copy of the Community Reporter?

The Community Reporter is a free publication delivered to approximately 13,000 households in the West End, Downtown St. Paul and Southwest Highland (Fort Snelling) neighborhoods, as well as 3,500 additional copies distributed through businesses and organizations throughout the circulation area.

I have a story idea? Who do I contact?

Please email Damian Goebel, editor of the Community Reporter at

I would like to place a display ad? Who do I contact?

Please email the Community Reporter at
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