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Mr. Positive is ill, part two

OK, here’s what we know about neighborhood treasure Carl Bentson’s health and well-being from part one. He was diagnosed with stage–4 esophageal cancer at the end of February 2024. Not generally a good thing.

Since then he has completed five chemo sessions at Region’s cancer center. Best friend Karen drives him to cancer world appointments, treatments and pharmacy pick ups. Neighborhood all-stars Mark, Emil, Linda, Trent, Tracy and Chuck and Bill Quinn help with everyday stuff.

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An Alternative Path

Riding or hiking along the banks of the Mississippi is one of the delights and benefits of having Crosby Farm Regional Park in our backyard. Head down one of the roads or paths leading to the trails and one immediately transitions from the heart of urban living to a natural environment where one quickly forgets the city landscape is only minutes away. The name Crosby Farm reflects a marking of history and geography that centers European immigration at the expense of the Dakota and other Indigenous people that lived here prior to European arrival. 

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