Author: Tim Johnson

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Range Anxiety and the Green Book

When it comes to electric vehicles, range anxiety is a thing. “Will we make it to our destination?” being the central question driving the anxiety. In late January we leased an electric car from Hyundai. Our Ioniq 5 has a range of 266 miles, which is quite sufficient for traveling anywhere in the Metro region. Our goal, however, was  St. Augustine, Florida to visit family. Would we make it the entire way, finding charging stations when needed or would we find ourselves stranded along the road in Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky or one of the other states through which we had to travel?

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Great Playgrounds and Great Communities

“What makes a great playground?” is not unlike the question, “what makes a great community?” Among the joys of being a grandparent is spending time at playgrounds that we once enjoyed with our own children. On this particular outing, the first place our almost two year old grandson headed was one of several slide options. He chose to go down head first, protected by winter gear that slowed him down substantially and a grandparent waiting with open arms at the bottom. After time on the slide it was onto the swings with choices for toddlers that provide the freedom of swinging without the risk of an injury for a child who hasn’t quite developed the skills of holding on tight. Next, it was over to a horse planted in the ground with a spring as its feet. Like with the swings and slides, the horse was surrounded by sand to cushion any fall. 

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