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Letter to the Editor: Thank you for the great work you are doing

I am writing to this fine community newspaper of ours to thank you for the great work you are doing to inform our corner of the city of the many and varied points of interest: places to go and enjoy activities, businesses offering services to aid people of all ages in a variety of needs, articles and columns for children and adolescents written by them, stories of people’s lives and especially writings that speak to the importance of creating a community of equality, of inclusion, of equal rights for everybody. I especially want to point out and thank Tim Johnson whose column on creating a non-racist society has been and continues to be so thoughtfully written, and done so without judging, without finger-pointing, usually starting with a personal story with which we could all identify and then elucidating on the theme to assist us in seeing the underlying message, the bigger picture, the lesson to be learned.

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