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Letter to the Editor: Be part of the gun theft solution

Gun thefts are on the rise in St. Paul but there is one easy way to end this trend: Secure your guns at home.

Law abiding gun owners do not want their weapons to end up in the hands of criminals, but that is what is happening here in St. Paul and across the nation. 

Between 2017-2021, more than a million guns were stolen from private citizens. Most often these guns are taken from cars where gun owners have left them unsecured. Our St. Paul Police department confirms that criminals are finding guns in 1-in-10 cars in St. Paul.

Securely storing firearms prevents guns from being used by others to take their own lives, being accidentally discharged by children or being used in criminal activity.

Safe storage isn’t just a way to reduce crime and prevent tragedy, it is also the law in St. Paul. Chapter 225 of St. Paul City Ordinance was amended in May of 2023 making it illegal to leave loaded or unloaded firearms unattended in locations where another person can gain access unless they are secured with a locking device. 

Be part of the solution. Leave your firearms securely stored at home and never leave them in your car. 

Concerned West 7th residents,

Susan Thune (49 year resident of West 7th Street)

Marit Brock ( Little Bohemia neighborhood)

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: Be part of the gun theft solution

  • Anne LeDuc

    Thank you, Sue Thune and Marit Brock, for writing about this important topic. Firearms that are stored securely (locked and unloaded, away from ammunition) do not fall into the hands of children. This easy step saves lives, and makes St Paul a safer place for all of us.


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