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Thank you for the privilege of representing you 

District Perspectives

St. Paul City Council, Ward 3

As my time representing our neighborhoods that make up Ward 3 ends this year, I want to take the opportunity to thank you.

It has been an absolute honor to be a Councilmember for the city and neighborhood that raised me. This is a city that I love with absolute bias, a city that continues to evolve and change, a city with even brighter days in its future, but more than anything, this amazing city is the one that we all have the privilege of calling home. 

In November of 2011, the same month that voters first elected me to the council, the last Ford Ranger rolled off the Ford Assembly Plant. From that moment until today, the transformation of the Ford Site to Highland Bridge has occupied a substantial portion of the Ward’s, the City’s and my focus and time.  The transformation of this site from an industrial plant to the 21st century neighborhood that is rising today will likely be the most visible accomplishment of my time on the council; however, the last 11 years have been busy with victories for St. Paul and our shared future.  

As you know, I never shied away from the toughest issues, instead, I leaned into them and sought to bring people together to find common ground to move St. Paul forward. And, together we accomplished a lot— too many victories for St. Paul to name individually—but I am especially proud of a few that I helped lead, that I’d like to highlight:

Right Track: In 2013 we created this professional youth internship and jobs program. In the first year we had 23 internships, and every year since the program has grown. Today we have over 1,000 youth participating in internships and career pathway options.  

Full Stack St. Paul: In 2018, we founded this economic development initiative aimed at attracting, retaining, and growing innovative jobs in St. Paul. The initiative exceeded our initial goals within a year and continues to evolve and succeed at engaging and promoting our business community and bringing innovative companies and people to St. Paul.

Lead Free SPRWS: As a Councilmember and St. Paul Regional Water Board Commissioner, I was able to start this initiative. This program will not only remove all lead pipes within St. Paul in the next 10 years, but is also a barrier free jobs program with a career pathway to a living wage career in our water department.  

These successes, and the many others that I had the privilege to lead or be involved with, would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues, the community and public and private sector employees — all of which partnered with us to bring these innovative ideas and visions for our city to fruition. I have no doubt that these programs will only get stronger and will continue to contribute and pay daily dividends for St. Paul’s bright future – and the future is only brighter. 

I am excited to see that bright future as our neighborhood gains a new Ward 3 Councilmember starting in 2024. I look forward to working with the new Councilmember to ensure a smooth transition and that person’s future success. After that I’ll still be as dedicated to our saintly city as I have been since I was a kid. 

Thank you to the people of Ward 3, for voting three times to trust me with the responsibility and privilege of representing you at City Hall.  

Thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve partnered with, collaborated with, disagreed with and met through this privilege. 

Thank you to the thousands of hard working, smart and professional city employees who make the city so great, and the elected officials look good. 

Thank you to Kelly, Natalia and Dylan for being a loving and supportive family.  

And thank you to the StP!! 


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