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Keystone Community Services Adapts and Keeps Serving

Keystone volunteers are involved in so many aspects of the association’s programs that the impact of Covid-19 required a quick pivot to allow their work to continue.

One volunteer, who spends one-on-one time with students in the Keystone Community Kids program is now meeting them on-line once a week, doing mini-art projects and playing games together. Volunteer Marilynn said, “It’s so important to keep up our connections with each other at this confusing and confounding time. The students enjoy it, and so do I.”

Many Keystone volunteers continue their front-line work of preparing and delivering food to people in the community through Meals-on-Wheels. Others are connecting with seniors and youth participants by phone or virtually. Keystone staff have adjusted programs to allow and encourage this new way of working.

Keystone volunteers are an essential part in program support—p last year more than 2,500 people gave time and effort, serving more than 33,000 hours. This represents almost 17 full-time jobs!

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