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Help for those struggling


Saint Paul City Council Member 
Chris Tolbert 
Ward 3 Columnist

The ongoing pandemic and the economic recession that it has caused has put a huge burden and strain on many people, families and businesses in our community. Through no fault of their own many people have lost hours, lost business, or lost their jobs, because of Covid-19.  This is in addition to the serious health issues and death that Covid-19 has caused.  The City of St. Paul in close partnership with Ramsey County and the State of Minnesota has tried to step-in to help people who need help during this unprecedented time.  The Federal Government has also responded with help through CARES Act funding, but we still need more help from the federal government.  
With how many people in our community are struggling right now, I think sharing resources that can help you, your family, your friends or your business is the best use of this column. Here is a list of current local resources that you can get help from if you need it. One of the silver linings of the pandemic is how closely the local governments are working together, so if you’re not sure where to reach out, please just try one, and if that program can’t help you, they can connect you with the program that can. Also, please never hesitate to contact my office, as we can help connect you with the right resources too. or 651-266-8630.

St. Paul workforce, housing and family support information. Also lists programs from outside agencies and non-profits: 651-266-8989

Emergency Assistance: Get help with rent, mortgage, utilities or car repairs at; Emergency Assistance Hotline: 651-266-4884

Connect with Ramsey County Workforce Services for employment assistance, including dislocated workers services with funds for training and support:; 651-266-9890

MN Dept. of Economic Development Unemployment Insurance program:  651-296-3644

Find food and meals:  651-266-8500

St. Paul business resource page:  651-266-6600  
Ramsey County Covid-19 Page:  

One thought on “Help for those struggling

  • Unemployed

    Layoffs, by offshoring, outsourcing, rebadging to indian companies, big payoff, who cares about American jobs.
    these very laws allow corporations do what they do best…get rid of the American worker


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