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Greetings from your new editor

I am very excited to begin my journey as the new editor of the Community Reporter. I’m proud to continue the more than 50-year legacy of providing the West End neighborhoods of St. Paul with news and opinions that come directly from and impact you and your daily lives.

The strength and consistency of the West End is something that drew me to this position, but also the interesting point in time the area finds itself in. With major planned redevelopment and infrastructure projects, along with the changing demographics, I want the Community Reporter to be able to continue telling the stories of the rich and robust history of the area while exploring the impacts of the changing landscape on the people who live here now and in the future. 

And none of that can happen without you. We want to hear from you about what you are interested in. Story submissions are very welcome, and you can always send a letter to the editor, but it doesn’t have to start with that high bar of entry. 

Shoot me an email with a complaint, give me a call with an idea you have for a story, let us know what you’re thinking about something on Facebook or Instagram or look for me hanging out in the neighborhood and say “hi.” The Community Reporter has always been a reflection of the people, places and events in its coverage area and I want to make sure it continues to reflect the diversity and long history of the West End.

About me

I love St. Paul. I was born and raised in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood and have called the city home for almost my entire life (with a quick pit-stop in Phoenix). I currently live in the Lex-Ham neighborhood with my wife, kids and dog Vinnie.

After studying communications at Hamline University, I’ve worked in nonprofit communications, public relations, outreach and marketing for the past 15 years — about a decade of which was spent on issues specific to St. Paul. Prior to that, I held several editorial positions at the Hamline Oracle, Hamline’s weekly independent, student-run newspaper, and was co-Editor-in-Chief of the Century Times. Steeped in knowledge of transportation, land use, community organizing, agriculture and environment through my past work, I hope to bring my relationships and knowledge of issues in St. Paul to my reporting in the West End.

Damian Goebel; 612-986-8026

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