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But Where’s My Doctor?

by Jerry Rothstein
With news of radical changes reported on pages 1 and 3 of this issue, we asked Dr. Stephanie Rosener, head of the United Family Medicine (UFM) Residency Program, to explain the process and its hoped-for outcomes.
Dr. Rosener graduated from the UFM Residency Program in 2002, worked at UFM, spent time away and returned to the program she sees as a nationally recognized program of excellence.
With the upheaval described elsewhere, UFM physicians and Residents (representing the classes of 2021-2023), are committed to maintaining and improving the program, ultimately with a new clinic in the neighborhood. Allina Health is working on creating a temporary clinic located close to United Hospital, to open no later than the end of this year.
There has been a longstanding collaboration between the two organizations in service to the community. Yet, in recent months it has become clear that to meet the regulatory requirements for each organization and honor their missions, the organizations will move forward separately. The physicians view this as an opportunity to create a new community clinic and a chance to assess emerging community health needs, especially in light of what we have learned about public health deficits during the COVID-19 era.
With a mission and focus to serve everyone in the neighborhood, providing personalized primary care with a family physician — at clinic, hospital or other venues — renewal of the model that has been in place for 27 years is a positive outcome. (Having to depart their building is not.)
As in many other clinic settings, longstanding relationships have been established between UFM doctors and their patients throughout the community. If you have a medical need while this process unfolds you can call UFM at 651-241-1000 to arrange for a visit. If you are unable to see your primary care physician, you can make an appointment with another provider or resident physician.

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