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Union Depot seeking 2023 ‘Hub for the Holidays’ tree

In the months leading to the 2023 holiday season, the search is on for the next tree to serve as the Union Depot holiday tree. The 50’-70’ evergreen tree will anchor the venue’s Hub for the Holidays event series, which will include the Holiday Tree Lighting celebration on December 2.

Ramsey County residents who are completing yardwork are encouraged to keep an eye out for an overgrown tree that would make a good candidate for the 2023 holiday tree. If the tree is selected, there will be no cost for its removal or to grind down its stump. The family of the tree owner will also be able to participate in the Holiday Tree Lighting celebration.

The key requirements for a tree to be considered are: It must be located within Ramsey County. It must be an evergreen tree. It must have overgrown its location or have other reasons for removal. It must be in good condition as the tree will be viewed from 360° on the North Plaza.

Those who would like to donate a tree for the event should email their address and a photo of the tree to or call 651-202-2700. The tree submission period will last until Friday, September 22, 2023. The Hub for the Holidays event schedule will also be announced around this date.

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