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The Little Prince: Love, loss and compassion

The Little Prince is a beautiful little book of nearly 100 pages. In those pages lies a story that has never been told before, from the perspective of an adult who feels such a connection to a child (the little prince, as he is called) that he becomes an important part of the adult’s journey in accepting themself. The story starts out with a  relatable few pages regarding adults and children, moving to the main character’s plane crashing in, seemingly, the middle of nowhere. Soon enough, the adult meets a child, the little prince, who asks the pilot to draw him a sheep. From there, the story spirals into several tales from outside the known universe, with lovely narration by the little prince and occasional interludes into the pilot’s dilemma of being stranded in a desert. 
I loved this book because of its morals about love, loss and compassion. There was no huge climax, no plot, really, but the way Antoine de Saint-Exupéry told the tale of the little prince’s journey across the stars was just enough. It was lighthearted, but dealt with some serious themes that were explained in a sort of poetic prose. ‘Watching’ the adult in the book grasp the world of their little companion was heartwarming, as I, too, grasped the world of the little prince. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone (adults in particular!) hoping for an escape into a fantastical world intertwined with the realities of our society.

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