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Dear West End,

Did you know? The Community Reporter has brought local news to our neighborhood for more than 50 years. 

Did you know? This paper continues to be delivered to your doorstep even as other local newspapers went out of business or switched to subscription only service. 

Did you know? Stories published in the Community Reporter will forever be preserved at the Minnesota Historical Society.

Did you know? We rely on the support of people like you to help us continue this free community service.

Help us continue to tell the story of your community by giving a tax deductible donation to the Community Reporter. Let’s keep it going for another 50 years! Visit communityreporter.org/donate to give today.


Jonathan Dickman, MD, PhD

Board Chair of the Community Reporter

Support the news that matters most in your own backyard. 

Give to the Community Reporter this Give to the Max Day, November 16. communityreporter.org/donate

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