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Rethinking I-94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul alternatives released

Rethinking I-94 released their alternatives study to the public on July 18. These high-level suggestions are a combination of highway and transit ideas that reflect the basic design and number of lanes of the roadway, the type of transit service provided, and potential transit stop locations. More details will be developed as feedback is received and additional technical information is gathered.
Rethinking I-94 is a long-term process to engage community members who live, work, commute and play along the 7.5-mile stretch of I-94 located between Hwy 55/Hiawatha Ave. in Minneapolis and Marion St. in St. Paul. The objective of Rethinking I-94 is to address identified transportation needs while ensuring community members and stakeholders have a meaningful voice in the process.
Stakeholders are encouraged to review the identified alternatives and share your thoughts and insights via their online survey. The survey is open for feedback now through the fall. Input will be used to help shape the future of the corridor. 
To view the analysis, take the survey or learn more about the project, visit

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