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Ramsey County/City of St. Paul Immigration Legal Defense Fund

A collaborative consisting of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, The Advocates for Human Rights and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid has been selected as the service provider for the Ramsey County/City of St. Paul Immigration Legal Defense Fund.

The legal defense fund is dedicated to supporting families in removal proceedings, and is funded by Ramsey County and St. Paul with matching funds from the Vera Institute for Justice. The commitment is to “protecting the rights of our immigrant and refugee residents, who are a vital part of our community,” said Assistant St. Paul City Attorney Edmundo D. Lijo.

The collaborative will represent clients who live in Ramsey County or St. Paul who do not have legal representation, who are detained and face removal, and who earn less than 200% of poverty guidelines. Potential clients may contact any of the following phone numbers below to have their case evaluated: ILCM intake/detention line: 651-641-1011; AHR intake line: 612-341-9845; MMLA intake line: 612-334-5970.

The approach works much like a public defender model in criminal court — that those at risk of deportation should have access to due process and a fair day in court even if they cannot afford an attorney. Legal representation for these clients is a crucial way to keep communities cohesive, stable, safe and successful.

In addition, the following organizations will provide ongoing support to assist families with a loved one going through immigration proceedings connect with county services for which they are eligible. This will be achieved through a combination of education and awareness; community outreach and engagement, and referrals to the immigration legal defense fund. Contact any of them for detailed information: (1) MORE; (2) Discapacitados Abriendose Caminos; (3) Voices of East African Women, Inc. (4) Coalition of Asian American Leaders; (5) Fear None Conquer All; (6) Hmong American Partnership; (7) Civil Society: (8) International Institute of MN; (9) Restoration for All Inc. (10) ReleaseMN8.

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