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Ramsey County Board approves 2024-25 budget

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the 2024-2025 county budget on December 12. 

The county’s approved budget for 2024 totals $808,498,799 which represents a 2.9% overall budget increase from 2023. The 6.75% levy increase for 2024 was driven by a shift away from federal and state one-time resources that were available during the emergency pandemic. The approved budget for 2025 totals $835,076,779, with an 3.3% budget increase from 2024 and a maximum 4.75% levy increase that is proposed to be reduced once estimates for future cannabis sales tax revenue can be incorporated.

The 2024 budget was mitigated by a $6 million increase in county program aid from the State of Minnesota. This increased state aid provided a 1.76% levy decrease from initial budget planning targets and helped keep the county’s long term levy growth at a more moderate level. Looking at the period of 2015-2025, the annual average levy growth to Ramsey County taxpayers was 3.3% and from 2021-2025 (COVID era) the annual average levy growth was 3.5%.

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