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Primaries reveal St. Paul’s general election candidates

The Aug. 9 primaries whittled down the field of candidates slated to face off at the November general election. Here’s a list of who to expect on the ballot and how they fared in the primaries. 


Incumbent Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan handily beat out Ole Savior and Julia M. Parker(416,973 to 14,950) to secure the Democratic nomination. The incumbents will face off against Republicans Scott Jensen and Matt Birk, who beat out Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards and Bob “Again” Carney Jr. and Captain Jack Sparrow (288,499; 21,308; 13,213). Steve Patterson and Matt Huff will represent the Grassroots-Legalize Canabis Party and James McCaskel and David Sandbeck will represent the Legal Marijuana Now Party. 

Secretary of State

Incumbent Democrat Steve Simon beat out challenger Steve Carlson (285,314 to 108, 144) and will run against Republican Kim Crockett who beat Erik van Mechelen (190,156 to 110,940)

Attorney General

Incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison remained the top choice as he beat out Bill Dahn (378,367 to 45, 110) to get the party nod. Ellison will be up against Jim Schultz, who bested Doug Wardlow and Sharon Anderson (163,944; 108,537; 39,723).

District 4 U.S. Congress

Democrat incumbent Betty McCollum beat out challengers Fasil Moghul and Amane Badhasso(58,043; 997; 10,557) to retain the party nod. She’ll run against Republican challenger May Lor Xiong, who bested Jerry Silver and Gene Rechzigel (9,574; 7,399; 4,753)

State Senate District 65

Democratic incumbent Sandy Pappas, beat out Sheigh Freeberg and Zuki Ellis (4,842; 1672;  872) to retain the party nomination and will run against Republican Paul Holmgren, who ran unopposed. 

State Representative District 65B

Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges topped Anna Botz (3,613 to 809) to earn the Democratic nomination. She will run against Republican Kevin Fjelsted, who ran unopposed.

County Commissioner District 5

Longtime incumbent Rafael Ortega has some company in November as he was met with two challengers, Bill Hosko and Charles Barklind. The primary whittled the field of three down to two, and Hosko and Ortega will run head-to-head in November. Ortega came home with 7,512 votes, while Hosko took second with 1,713 and Barklind taking 517.

State Representative District 64B

Democrat Dave Pinto will seek to retain his seat against Republican Lorraine Englund, both of whom received their parties’ nominations without primary. 

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