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Tim Johnson, Rebecca Noecker, Fort Road Federation and Tim Rumsey, M.D. – one of these is not like the others. 
That one is Tim Rumsey’s notes on Tim and Carl reflect the West 7th area and the others reflect a percentage that may be growing, but is not the majority.
Tim Johnson’s column on transgender fear assumes that issue and white supremacy are on anyone’s radar in the area. Hit and miss. What most of the hard working folks struggle with is the high cost of groceries, gas, rent, etc. This ever invasive ideology push on the public, in the schools is something on its own affecting a very small percent and the white supremacy in particular is not really an issue even though everything is blamed on it versus individuals who may think that way.
This same group, each with an audience and/or a column ignore one of the biggest negative disruptors to the area that will affect everyone. Trains going down West 7th.Their silence is the same as support, regardless of what residents think.
Rebecca also ignored the other big issue – raising taxes in general and Mayor Carter’s referendum on a one cent tax for St. Paul. Just what we need!?!
The State has collected $17 billion beyond what we need and the city raises taxes yearly but wants more.
The stories by Tim about Carl are really the heart and soul of West 7th, while the other three represent a more vocal minority while the majority take a day at a time trying their best to keep family safe. No one mentions the crime which is probably one of the other biggest concerns, along with the high cost of living, not the “blame game issues,” which are nonissues in comparison.
Green ideas, social engineering, are just insulting to folks following the law, raising families working hard to keep bills paid. The city continues in some areas to plant blocks of trees that are the same species – green idea! Plant a variety so the next tree bug doesn’t decimate all the trees in a block/area!?!
It’s not rocket science but it’s what was repeated after elm diseases and now the ash. Same as 40-50 years ago and still for the third time we see them planting the same species on some blocks. 
I know I would appreciate these leaders to focus on what the basics are – road maintenance, city services, police and fire, without raising taxes.
Our council and mayor also are in the process of stripping single family homes zoning with a plan to pile even more housing into every square inch. Those who benefit will be developers and renters not invested in keeping up properties. The future is a train running through high density, high crime if their vision continues.
Deb O’Neil, St. Paul

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