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How did your start at St. Francis affect your life in school, neighborhood and family? 

I absolutely remember my very first day of first grade and Sr. Corrine Marie Dahlheimer greeting me. I also remember my 8th grade graduation and Sr. Jacinta Simones ( who passed away earlier this year) handing me my diploma.  In between was reading, writing and arithmetic, and let’s not forget history and science.  The true foundation of who I am today, those seeds of faith, friendship and education, were planted for me at St Francis de Sales.
 – Bridgette Startz nee Cook

St. Francis was a true neighborhood school. We walked to school with our friends and neighbors. Though my family only moved into the area at the start of my 7th grade year, it was at St. Francis, that I met some of my lifelong friends.
 – Lori Larson

Spirituality & Faith: through the great foundations taught by Father Gillen and Father Eishens our parish priests and SSND: Jacinta, Timona, Stephanie, Corine Marie and Marilyn.

Physicality: Great fundamentals through Jim Pacholl.

Family & Neighborhood: Great presence of dedication and loyalty examples performed by many parents of the parish and provided the social formation of community.
 – Richard Rudolph

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