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Federation Update

The Federation Board meeting was held on December 9. The next Board meeting is Monday, January 13 at 6 p.m. [Note the earlier time] with a holiday gathering to follow — at 882 West 7th Street, Suite 6 on the second floor.

Board Update:At the Federation’s December 9 meeting, the Board heard and approved a request for support from Irvine Park residents who are concerned about the safety of the retaining wall between their neighborhood and the railroad below.

Lily Thompson, MD, MPH from United Family Medicine is doing a residency project with the Federation with the goal of increasing walking and a sense of community. She presented her concept to the Board. Outreach to neighborhood block groups, schools, property owners, and other groups will start this winter and spring.

Also, during the Board meeting, City Planning and Economic Development staff presented on the HUD Consolidated Plan for St. Paul. A representative from the Minnesota Nurses Association spoke about the potential closing of St. Joseph’s Hospital and a coalition forming to prevent the closure. The Fort Road Federation is concerned about the hospital closing.

Committees: The Federation has three committees: Transportation and Land Use Committee, Fundraising and Development Committee, and the Community Engagement and Outreach Committee. If you would like to join a committee or learn more about it, please call or email the office at 651-298-5599 or

Stay in touch:We encourage neighbors to “like” the West 7th/Fort Road Federation on Facebook find us on Instagram and Twitter: @West7thFortRoad. Subscribe to the FRF e-newsletter at

Contact: Emily Northey, FRF executive director + community organizer; office: 651-298-5599.

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