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Elevated lead levels found in some St. Paul homes

Some St. Paul residents received notification last month in the mail that elevated levels of lead had been found in some homes and buildings. 

The letter, dated November 8, stated that, during an analysis of tap water samples from homes and buildings, St. Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) found 13 of the samples exceeding the EPA’s action level for lead of 15 parts per billion.

Lead in drinking water can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children.

Earlier this year, the City of St. Paul launched Lead Free SPRWS, a program to replace all lead service lines in the city over the next 10 years, to reduce potential lead exposure to people using St. Paul’s water. As part of the program, SPRWS offers financial assistance for replacing lead water lines in the home as well as provides corrosion control, a treatment process to minimize lead being leached into the water.

According to SPRWS, if you are concerned about lead in your home or building, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce exposure, like cleaning your aerator, letting the water run before using it and using cold water for drinking and cooking as hot water can absorb more water from pipes.

SPRWS also offers free water testing kits.

Learn more about Lead Free SPRWS, including an interactive map of where there are lead service lines and information on ordering a lead testing kit, visit

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