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“Elatsoe” is beautifully crafted

Fun fact about me: I really like suspense and mystery books. But sometimes, they can be a little much, and I reluctantly have to step away. I love a good book that keeps me guessing and wondering what will happen next, and I have finally found the perfect match! Drumroll, please…Elatsoe! 
Ellie has a magical tie to Kirby, her loyal dog brought back from the dead by her mother (ghost-calling is a family gift), so when he begins acting strangely, Ellie has a feeling something is direly wrong. Her parents are not home, and she quickly becomes afraid for their safety. After finding them, Ellie is informed of the recent hospitalization of her cousin, Trevor, and how he probably will not survive after a disastrous car accident. Then, that night, Ellie has a dream. She dreams about Trevor, and he tells her about a town called Willowbee, the place where his murderer is living. 
Ellie finds herself encapsulated in a mystery like no other that is both haunting and utterly thrilling. Uncovering clues with the help of her friend, Jay, and figuring out who she is while trying to give justice to her beloved cousin makes Ellie a strong and courageous heroine. This book weaves stories passed down through generations, magic and horror together to create a beautifully crafted product. A critique I would give Elatsoe by Rovini Cai is that it is very fast paced, which can be difficult for many readers to follow. It also depicts some scary images. Overall, though, I think it has a great plot with interesting characters and settings. Darcie Little Badger fabricates a mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat, just waiting to turn the next page. 
I recommend this book for ages 12-13+.

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