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“Ebb and Flow” celebrates Minnesota’s diverse waters 

Ebb and Flow, which brings together paintings, prose and poetry, brings to light the beauty of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers in a multimedia art exhibit that runs from May 6 through June 17 at the Larson Art Gallery, 2017 Buford Ave., on the University of Minnesota campus. 
The exhibit features new works in oil and pastel by two veteran Minnesota landscape artists, Cheryl LeClair-Sommer and Michelle Wegler. Their art will be paired with poetry and prose to further explore their love to Minnesota’s abundant water resources.
Wegler and LeClair-Sommer frequently paint landscapes on-site in the same locale, which reveals differences in their artistic approaches in the mediums of soft pastel and oils.
The exhibit will contain artwork highlighting untamed, swift rivers alongside slow, shallow streams and creeks. The strength of Lake Superior’s waves will contrast against the grinding ice of the spring ice flows on the Mississippi River.
For this exhibit, Michelle and Cheryl will paint plein air (outdoors), which requires hours of painting on-site, in order to feel rather than merely glimpse Minnesota’s natural abundance.
Their paintings examine the divergence and interconnectivity of water in Minnesota, and poems and prose will further examine humankind’s fleeting link to the waters of the natural world. 
An Opening Reception will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, May 12.

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