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Dear West 7th Neighbors,

As we all do our best to follow guidelines for slowing the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing, two of our organizations — West 7th / Fort Road Federation and the West 7th Business Association — are coming together to convey our perspective on some important points.

You are Amazing
It has been amazing, but not surprising, to see the outpouring of support for one another to help each other through this time. Thank you West 7th.
We Love Our Small, Family Businesses
Let’s do what we’re able to support our local businesses during these trying times, especially since the vast majority of businesses are small, family-owned, and important to what makes West 7th a great place to live. Ways to do this include:
• Order takeout or delivery from restaurants offering those options, checking their store hours to respect their availability.
• Buy gift cards/certificates from places you would normally visit, but won’t actually go to right now.
• Pre-schedule appointments or work for after the social distancing will be lightened, and be ready to reschedule further out if necessary. 

Information Will Be Available
The Community Reporter for April, and www.communityreporter.org, will include listings of businesses and services and how they are available.
Annual Meeting Postponed
As you might guess, the West 7th / Fort Road Federation’s Annual Meeting has been postponed. Check for a new date at www.fortroadfederation.org.
Help and Get Help
We’ve tried to collect up the ways that people in West 7th can help out during the COVID-19 pandemic and ways you can also receive help. They’re listed on the Federation’s website at fortroadfederation.org/community-resources
We Support and Care for Essential Workers, Be Safe
Share our gratitude for medical staff, support staff, child care workers, first responders, county human services, teachers, delivery people, the postal service, police, fire fighters, bus drivers, food supply workers, cashiers, pharmacies, grocery stores, and everyone who keeps the world going which makes it possible for the rest of us to stay home safe. Thank you. We’ll do what we can to stay healthy to let you do your jobs better.
Take strength from the strength of our community; be careful and be safe.
Best wishes in this difficult time.
West 7th Business Association Executive Committee: Paula Faughender, Cheryl Schak, Jerry Rothstein; West 7th/Fort Road Federation: Dana DeMaster, President; Emily Northey, Executive Director and Community Organizer

The best laid plans 
As we go to press, we are in the awkward position of printing events, schedules and program dates that we can’t be sure will be possible, as the Covid-19 process unfolds in ways we can’t predict. Check the organizations’ websites to get the correct information.

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