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Dear Friends,

What to say in Gratitude to everyone who was a part of Ken’s life and his passing into Peace and Joy?

For every hug, or word of comfort, or prayer whispered in the night, we are grateful.

For your presence at his Wake, or Celebration, or a visit to our home, we are grateful.

For flowers, gifts, or donations to his favorite charity, we are grateful.

For bags of groceries or dishes of food, or sweet goodies made with love, we are grateful.

For cards, emails, texts, phone calls, for the long trips you took to visit, while he lived and as he passed, we are grateful.

For your presence in his life, his work, his joy, his daily goings about, you are forever in his heart and ours, surrounding and supporting us.

And just as he does not forget you, we do not forget you.

Thank you for the gifts of your life and your love, sustaining us, helping us to move forward with your gentle encouragements.

In this Season of Peace and Love, we wish this, also, for you.

Maxine and Family

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