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Checking on Needs of Aging Loved Ones

Source: Minnesota Board on Aging

Minnesota has an array of resources to keep in mind when gathering with family and friends. The MN Dept. of Human Services and the Minnesota Board on Aging offer these helpful resources:

                Senior LinkAge Line (800-333-2433) Chat at provides help with a wide range of issues — from prescription drug coverage and health care options to supports that help older adults remain healthy and safe at home.

                Disability Hub MN (866-333-2466) Chat at, a resource helps people with disabilities and their families solve problems, navigate service system and plan for their futures.

       is an online directory of services and service providers rich in resources for all Minnesotans in need of help and information.

                LinkVet (888-LinkVet) and is a MN Dept of Veterans Affairs service line/website provides support to veterans and their families.

                The Minnesota Board on Aging website ( also has resources for people who are caregiving for family members and friends. These include The Caregiver Resource Guide, which includes checklists to plan for caregiving and tips for how people who are caregiving can take care of themselves.

Pedestrian Plan Ready for Comment

The St. Paul Pedestrian Plan addresses citywide walking needs such as connecting the sidewalk system, providing safer ways to cross streets and education and enforcement programs to support safe walking. It includes recommendations to achieve the plan’s vision: St. Paul is a walking city — we are more healthy, resilient and connected when walking is safe and appealing for all.

                The Plan’s goals are To make walking safe for everyone. People of every age and ability deserve to be safe while walking in every neighborhood of St. Paul. We can make walking safe by prioritizing pedestrian safety in street design, teaching safe walking and driving behaviors and eliminating traffic-related fatalities and injuries;  Connect vibrant communities in all parts of St. Paul. Walking enables us to connect with the people and places that make up our community. We can connect communities by focusing walking investments in places with the greatest needs, accelerating completion of the sidewalk network and improving snow and ice removal; Get it done. We will achieve our vision of a walking city by coordinating activities across city departments, pursuing opportunities for low-cost interim solutions and updating this plan every five years. 

                Written comments may be submitted to the Commission until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 8, 2019, c/o Fay Simer, 1400 City Hall Annex, 25 West Fourth St., St. Paul, MN 55102; or via

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