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Andrew Young is named 21-22 CARE Artist-in-Residence

St. Paul’s Landmark Center named puppeteer Andrew Young as the Artist-in-Residence of the 2021-2022 Community Artist Resident Engagement (CARE) Program. Young’s “Beyond the Five Senses” inspires guests to ponder traditional and unconventional senses from March to August 2022.
    The first engagement of Young’s artistic series, Letters to Your Neighbor, will be in Landmark Center’s Cortile on March 26 from 1-3 p.m. The piece explores the sense of connection and utilizes a mail chute to write and receive letters from your neighbors, according to the Landmark Center. Additional senses explored throughout the series include justice, imagination, taste, sight, sound, rhythm, and exploration. Each engagement incorporates the unique architecture of the Landmark Center for an interactive art experience. “I am excited at the possibility of getting to know the space in a different way and encouraging more people to engage with the space.”
    Other dates: Reimagining Justice (5/7, 10:30am-12:30pm); Exquisite Crankies (5/22, 1-3pm);  Greenhouse Gallery (6/12, 1-3pm); Building Rhythms (6/30, 5-7pm);  Falls at Landmark (7/21, 7pm); Light Up Landmark (8/18, 7pm).

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