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Dave Pinto, Minnesota House of Representatives, District 64B

Hello West 7th / Fort Road neighborhood! For the past nine years, I’ve been honored to represent the southwest part of St. Paul in the Minnesota House of Representatives. This year, the area that I represent has expanded to encompass much of the neighborhood served by the Community Reporter, including most of the area south of St. Clair. I’m grateful for the chance to introduce myself to you here.

I’m especially grateful for that chance since the Legislature recently completed one of the most productive sessions in state history. Across virtually every issue area – education, environment, transportation, housing, health, public safety – the state budget that took effect on July 1 made transformational investments that will help everyone in Minnesota thrive. 

To choose just one of many examples: The new state child tax credit will cut child poverty in Minnesota by one-third. Coupled with significant investments in early care and learning, homelessness services and economic supports for families, this will help thousands more children get the great start that they deserve.

That goal – lifting up Minnesota’s kids and families – has been a particular focus for me at the Legislature. I chair the House Children and Families Committee, with jurisdiction over an array of programs within the state Departments of Human Services and Education.

This session, we also passed a series of long-needed changes in state policies. They include (but are not limited to!) codification of access to reproductive and gender-affirming care; access to driver’s licenses – and health care – for all people living in our state, regardless of documentation; 100% carbon-free production of electricity by 2040; paid family and medical leave; and so much more.

One of the most exciting policy changes to me personally was the passage of gun-safety laws. I serve outside of the Legislature as a prosecutor of gender violence, and I see every day the impact of guns in our community. I first authored bills for criminal background checks and red-flag laws more than six years ago, but they were repeatedly blocked. Still, those impacted by gun violence kept pushing and pushing – and this year, both proposals finally became law.

As another area of legislative focus, I chair the St. Paul delegation in the House. I work with a phenomenal group of colleagues – including the other representative for the Fort Road neighborhood, Rep. Maria Isa Perez-Vega – to advance policies that support our city.

In my personal life, my wife Abby and I have lived in our part of St. Paul for more than 20 years, with two sons who have gone through the St. Paul Public Schools.

My slogan is #EverybodyIn. It’s meant to describe a policy goal: a Minnesota where every one of us has the chance to contribute and thrive. (Our state’s history teaches that investments toward that goal pay off for all of us, both in wealth and in health.)

But #EverybodyIn also describes my approach to politics. This is a critical time for our country. We face important policy and budget choices, and we face important questions about our commitment to our democracy. Democracy can’t be a spectator sport. It calls on each of us to be full and active participants – to vote, to volunteer for causes and candidates that we support, to share our views with our fellow Americans, and to listen carefully as they share theirs.

I’m excited to continue to do that work in partnership with you. Please keep in touch! Contact me at rep.dave.pinto@house.mn.gov or (651) 296-4199, subscribe to my email updates at house.mn.gov/64B, and follow me at facebook.com/repdavepinto. #EverybodyIn. Thank you for the honor to serve you.

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