Winter Thoughts

by Kent Petterson

The ground is frozen and the season has ended the harvest. Praise to God for his bounty each year. I am hopeful for another season in my garden and as I sometimes say, “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” there will be another season for all of us.

As gardeners, what could we be looking forward to in the coming winter months? There is relaxation in the off-season, why not! But while you are at it, a good book might help you make new plans for your flower or vegetable plantings. Make sure you get your seed orders in, based on thoughtful planning from your reading. Did you bring in potted plants that are not hardy? If you didn’t give them a good rinse for insects, it would be a good time to spray them with neem oil to minimize pests. Repotting, root pruning and cutting back of top growth will give the plant a better chance to thrive in the lower light indoor conditions.

This is a time to be thankful for our off-season, but also for family and friends in our daily lives and as we approach the holidays. We can be thankful that more people are working. It is a good job that provides one the means for shelter, food and security and the leisure to think about the beauty around us in nature and in our gardens. Happy Holidays!

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