Views from the Garden

By Kent Petterson

As we welcome in the New Year, the beginning of 2019 is a time for everyone to be inspired to renew and improve your life and outlook. For many gardeners this translates into resting and reading up on their favorite gardening activity and planning their seed orders for the spring. How about you?

Serious gardeners will be tending plants brought in to overwinter in the window or cool basement. Some will be starting seed during January. I will still be in the dreaming and reading stage this year.

You maybe surprised to know it isn’t always gardening books for me. Some of my favorite authors are John Sandford, Michael Connelly and Daniel Silva. I have Little Free Libraries (LFL) to thank for finding some of these favorites.

I hope you have a LFL nearby and have found pleasant reads. Most look like over-sized bird houses on a post near the sidewalk. Managed by private owners, the LFL spots operate as a free exchange location between neighbors. Give them a try; you will probably be pleased at what you find. And of course, please remember to share something you no longer need on your bookshelves.

Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, was the founding principal of LFL in 2009. Todd passed away in October at the age of 62. His inspired movement to encourage reading and neighbors sharing their books has resulted in over 75,000 small examples of sharing and community around the world called Little Free Libraries. If you have noticed a white or silver ribbon tied onto an LFL that is in honor of Todd Bol and his vision of sharing.

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