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The Monster Boy That Lives Across My Street

By Theo, 7th grade

This spring, Global Arts Plus students will publish their work in each issue of the Community Reporter between March and June. Their work will range from long-form articles to bite-sized memoirs to poems and stories. They are so excited to share their stories with you. This month, we’ve got a poem and a short story from our student authors.

Today I heard my mommy and daddy whispering about the boy who recently moved in across the street. While I listened in, I tried to imagine the boy, their words echoing through my head: “Their son is a monster.” And “I heard his parents allowed him to become a sinner…” 

My imagination ran wild: A boy with short brown hair and large horns… maybe a long tongue and tail! He must have long nails and large wild eyes— I never want to go outside again! 

I rush down the hall and into my room, being careful to step lightly so they won’t know I was listening in. I dash to my bed: hiding under the covers. All sorts of thoughts running through my head as I drift off to sleep: What if he comes to get me? Those nasty hands— I don’t want a monster in my neighborhood!

That night I dreamt about the boy chasing me and eating my toys; he had stars as eyebrows. Then, in school I drew him, that hideous monster boy that lives across my street. 

I looked up from my notebook sketch as the teacher began to announce a new student. I looked up and I felt terror down to my core, my eyes looked down to my pink flowery dress in an effort to avoid anything adjacent to eye contact. I gripped onto   the ruffles at the end of my dress, gravity lended a helping hand by hanging my long golden ponytails against the sides of my face, effectively hiding it away.

The boy came to sit at a desk next to me. I took a deep breath. Maybe he’s not what they say.. 

The boy had his tail wrapped around his leg. He wore a t- shirt with some sports team on it and shorts. I eked when I looked up and noticed his large horns that extended all the way to the  ceiling! He has claws and large teeth that penetrate his jaw, it’s worse than I’ve ever imagined!

I couldn’t focus in class that day, that boy absolutely terrified me. 

At lunch, I saw him again. He was sitting at a table with some other kids who didn’t seem to be scared of him. I think they were actually friends with him. They made faces and laughed together, seeing this, his horns didn’t seem nearly as tall— in fact, they were only just tall enough to be considered stubs. Maybe he’s not that bad… oh what am I saying— he’s a MONSTER!!! I can’t trust monsters!

The monster boy  asked me to play with his Xbox in his house, my nose scrunched up at the thought of it. I wanted to say “Ew no way!” But my teachers told me not to be rude to people, which begs the question: 

Is he really a person? 

Swallowing the lump in my throat I blurt out, “OK, BUT I HAVE TO ASK MY MOM!” Then I turn rushing inside, slamming the door. I had almost gotten eaten. 

A few minutes went by and he was still waiting outside on my porch. I had lied, my mom wasn’t home. Should I go outside or should I stay? I thought about it for a while. My dad is probably sleeping. I took a deep breath and got my shoes on, twisting the door handle, I grabbed my jacket and stepped outside.

“I’m ready!” I announced. The monster boy turned around smiling, he nodded, and led me into his house. 

His house was beautifully decorated— just like how a human house would be. Then I noticed the sudden absence of his tail, and for some reason I didn’t find it surprising. 

He introduced me to his parents, he had two dads, and they both had horns. But they smiled and offered me snacks. The more I spoke to this boy and his family the more normal they looked. At the end of the day we were all laughing and playing video games together. I found it hard to believe that I ever thought he looked like a monster.

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