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SPPS, SPFE agree to contract, avoid strike

The St. Paul Board of Education voted to adopt a new two-year contract for the district’s licensed staff, educational assistants and school and community service professionals. The new contract for 2023-25 increases pay across the board for licensed staff, as well as educational assistants and school and community service professionals.

Teachers also saw increases in their health coverage while maintaining classroom sizes and mental health supports for students.

The district and teachers union agreed to a contract after months of negotiating on March 5, narrowly avoiding a strike planned by the St. Paul Federation of Teachers for March 11. 

St. Paul Public Schools said that the agreement is several million dollars above their budget projections, where they are forecasting a $100+ million shortfall in the 2025 fiscal year.

“These contract settlements do not change the fact that there will be budget cuts, including layoffs, across the district due primarily to the expiration of American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds,” the district said in a statement.  

More information about the SPPS budget process is available at

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