Right Track 2020

Right Track is St. Paul’s youth jobs initiative for building a diverse future workforce, while supporting young people and their families now. Right Track  connects young people from low-income homes to summer jobs and internships, trains them for professional success, and helps employers prepare for, recruit and mentor the next generation of diverse talent.
In 2019, Right Track trained and hired 935 Saint Paul youth as interns, giving them valuable work experiences and professional development training. Businesses can now join the program and pledge to hire a Right Track intern at righttrack-app.stpaul/gov or call 651-266-6363.
Internships impact lives. Research demonstrates that summer work experiences are directly linked to positive short and long-term outcomes for youth including higher graduation rates, better future employment prospects, and increased earnings later in life. A recent intern says, “I would just like to say that joining Right Track two years ago was the best decision I have ever made financially and educationally. I ended up getting rehired as an official employee at the end of August and I just love it!”

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