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Our voices should not go unheard 

Dear Editor,
I agree with the letter by Don Grundhauser regarding his letter entitled Our Voices Should Not Go Unheard published in last month’s Community Reporter. There is no excuse for our elected officials (Sandy Pappas in his case) ignoring our letters and emails. Who do they think they are? I have had the same experience regarding my letters (letters by mail) to senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith and Representative Betty McCollum. I have written two letters recently to each of them, one about Julian Assange and another about the war in Ukraine. Not one of them answered me. Just ignoring me either because they don’t know what to say or are just being plain ignorant or just that they don’t care. I voted for these people in the past but do not know what I will do in the future.  
I have also written to Councilwoman Rebecca Noecker, and we actually had a phone conversation. We didn’t agree but at least she contacted me. I appreciated that.  
Patty Guerrero
Fulton Street

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