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I’m a reviewer, which means I look to the past for my creative inspiration. That’s how I am with a lot of things. This month, though, is going to be different. Instead of writing about books I’ve read, I’m going to look at books I plan to read. Hopefully, this will serve as a way to kickstart my back to school reading and yours too! 

“Lord of the Flies”: The premise of this book by William Golding is fascinating, as a classic, it’s intriguing to see what survival books were like in the 1950s. The story of a group of children stranded on an unknown tropical island. 

“The Great Gatsby”: Another classic, I’m interested in high society and the Great Gatsby is the perfect introduction to aristocracy in classic literature.  About protagonist Nick Carraway’s experiences with Jay Gatsby, a perplexing millionaire. Written by Minnesota-born author F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

“Last Night at the Telegraph Club”: Malindo Lo, the author of this book, wrote a favorite book of mine, A Line in the Dark, so, naturally, I’m interested in her other work. Last Night at the Telegraph Club is the story of a girl exploring her sexuality in San Francisco in the 1950s. I’m sensing a growing trend in the time periods these books are set in…

“The Stars and the Blackness Between Them”: A romance between two teenage girls, traversing the themes of relationships, healing and letting go. Set in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Junauda Petrus. 

“The Davenports”: Another high society book, written by Krystal Marquis, based on a true story. Set in early 20th century Chicago about one of the only African American families in America of vast wealth. Themes of finding love and courage even in the toughest of times are of utmost importance to the story.

“Dumplin’”: A story about having a positive relationship with your body and being happy in your own skin. About main character Willowdean’s entry into a beauty pageant after falling for a coworker whilst learning to empower herself, by Andrea Beach. 

“The Fault in our Stars”: This book by John Green depicts the life of Hazel, a girl living with terminal cancer, after meeting Augustus in a teen cancer support group. The two develop a romance and a mission to meet the author of Hazel’s favorite book and unravel the mystery of what happens at the end of the story. 

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