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Minnesotans Highlight Need for Care

The Minnesota House passed the paid family and medical leave bill (HF1200) as a part of the omnibus workforce and business development finance and policy bill (HF1342/SF1098) Tuesday night, supporting a critical policy that would ensure all Minnesotans across race, class, and geography are able to care for themselves and their loved ones. COVID-19 has shown how necessary access to paid time to care is and highlights the racial disparities to access we face across the state.
“As caregiving becomes the new normal, most of us will likely be caregivers during our lifetimes,” said Toni Kay Mangskau, resident of Rochester, Minnesota and member of AARP MN. ”No one should ever have to live with making a choice between paying their bills or taking time off to care for a loved one. It’s time for Minnesota lawmakers to pass a paid family and medical leave program.”
Small business owners, union members, family caregivers, and faith leaders celebrated the Minnesota House’s leadership, but noted the companion bill’s lack of progress in the Senate. Now is the time to pass common sense policies to support our ability to care for ourselves. Seeing the first smile of a newborn baby; holding hands at the hospital with a sick family member; comforting loved ones at the end of life; being able to heal and get well without fear of losing income—these are all things every single family in Minnesota deserves no matter who we are or where we come from. Passing a statewide paid family and medical leave police ultimately makes us a safer and more thriving Minnesota for all.
“As a small business owner, I am constantly working to do what is best for my employees and my business,” said Julie Noren, owner of Light Dark Landscape, member of Main Street Alliance. “One thing I know that would help is the state passing the paid family and medical leave bill.”
The statewide, multi-racial Minnesotans for Paid Family & Medical Leave coalition will continue to advocate for the Minnesota Senate to be open to including this popular, commonsense bill when the two chambers go into conference committee.
“As a minister and as a person of faith, I believe every person deserves the dignity of paid family and medical leave,” said Reverend Corinne Freedman Ellis, leader of ISAIAH. “I hope the Senate will listen to the overwhelming majority of Minnesotans – across race, geography and political parties – who want this bill for our state and they act in this moment by passing a robust paid time to care policy.”
Minnesotans for Paid Family and Medical Leave is a coalition of 45 statewide nonprofit organizations and labor unions committed to solving our caregiving crisis while leveling the playing field for all Minnesotans by passing a robust statewide paid family and medical leave policy.

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