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Federation District Plan under review

by Anthony Molaro, Federation treasurer
Our district plan is a localized implementation of the 2040 St. Paul Comprehensive Plan. The city’s plan shapes and defines the physical development of St. Paul; therefore, a district plan shapes and defines the physical development of a neighborhood. The Planning and Economic Development Dept. of St. Paul, the Zoning Commission, the Planning Commission, the St. Paul City Council and the Met Council all refer to this document when making policy decisions. It helps shape land use (new buildings and renovations); zoning and permitting rules and regulations; transportation (roads, sidewalks, speed limits, bike lanes); parks, recreation, and open spaces and numerous other indispensable facets of life in St. Paul. When a company recently wanted to build a Dollar Tree on West 7th, it was our district plan that was used to reject the request. 
Community Engagement Framework
At the heart of any district plan is community engagement. We plan to incorporate the community in five major categories: providing information; consulting and involving the community; collaborating and empowering.
Public feedback includes surveys of the general public and businesses/nonprofit organizations. The second step will involve using forums to solicit more in-depth feedback. As the chapter drafts become available, they will be shared for additional feedback via the website, newsletter and social media.
Steering Committee
The Committee is providing overall direction for the district council plan. They ensure that the plan meets the needs of the group they represent and started meeting in January. 
First Public Forums
• Sunday, Feb. 20, 6-7:30pm online. Topics:  research, collection and analysis of information on the characteristics of the district, determine critical challenges and opportunities of the district and formulating district goals. 
• Monday, Feb. 21, 6-7:30pm online, community businesses and organizations will tackle the same agenda.
• Saturday, Feb. 25, 1-3pm in-person, Palace Recreation Center, the third forum will continue to address the same agenda.
To register for the online forums, go to

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