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Cerenity Senior Care – Upgrades TCU, Memory Care Units

Over the past few months, Cerenity Care Center – Humboldt, 512 Humboldt Avenue, has been getting a make-over with fresh paint and carpets in resident rooms and hallways.
Because those with memory issues live more comfortably with smaller groups of people, Cerenity has created two smaller Memory Care units that cater to different levels of residents’ needs. A new staffing model also enhances the care provided to all residents.
Cerenity – Humboldt has also made changes to its transitional care services to better meet the community’s need for transitional care. Transitional care is designed to help older adults to transition from hospital to home with rehabilitation.
“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a growing need for transitional care services that can serve those who are most vulnerable in our community,” said Todd Carsen, administrator/CEO. “Our current transitional care unit, located in the Cerenity – Residence building, is unable to accept individuals whose care is paid for by medical assistance (Medicaid). To address this need, we’ve moved walls and created new spaces to establish a new 22-bed transitional care unit (TCU) on the fourth floor of the Cerenity Care Center with physical and occupational therapy conveniently located down the hall.”
This newly renovated unit will provide the same high quality transitional and rehabilitative care currently offered in the Cerenity Residence – Humboldt, 514 Humboldt Avenue, while being able to serve people covered by Medicare, private insurance or medical assistance. In light of the pressure of high medical costs for many seniors, these changes will have a significant effect.
As a result of this change, Cerenity – Humboldt will be closing its current TCU located in the Cerenity – Residence early in August when current residents have been relocated. “We have shared this information with all current residents. We are meeting with them and offering them the opportunity to move into the new unit,” Carsen explained.
Stacy Watson, Cerenity’s Marketing Coordinator, commented, “The most exciting thing is with the Transitional Care Unit moving to the Care Center we are now able to better serve those in our community that are on Medicaid and Medical Assistance. This is a population that we have always served, and now we can say we are doing it in a much better way. We are proud of what we do, and looking forward to these exciting changes.”
Cerenity Senior Care – Humboldt offers assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice care services. Cerenity Senior Care is a faith-guided provider offering compassionate, state-of-the-art services and care to seniors through the region. For more information, see

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