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Brake Bread’s Share the Loaf

Brake Bread is a neighborhood bakery specializing in naturally leavened breads, simple pastries, and a bike-based subscription model that pedals bread around St. Paul all year round.

They are launching Share the Loaf — an initiative that offers a way for neighbors to give and receive bread freely with no strings attached. Purchased on line or in store, Loaf Shares are hung by the register and can be exchanged for a free loaf of bread. Loaf Shares are for everyone. If you can use bread to make a connection with someone else, including your immediate family, then grab a Loaf Share and get a free loaf of bread. According to baker/owner Nate Houge, “The idea for Share the Loaf was inspired by customers who regularly paid for extra loaves and asked us to find good homes for them. The joy of giving and unexpected gift receiving was so fun we wanted to open it up to more neighbors. Share the Loaf is just another way for us to become a conduit for building community. How lucky are we?”

A Loaf Share costs $5. Loaf Share certificates can be purchased in store or on line as one time purchases or as ongoing subscriptions. When customers purchase a Loaf Share, a certificate is hung up at the shop that can be redeemed for a free loaf of bread for anyone that comes in and needs a loaf of bread. Loaf Share certificates can also be given away for someone else to bring in at another time. Loaf Shares can be purchased in store or at

Brake Bread: Naturally Leavened, Community Supported, 1174 West Seventh; or call 651-300-9136

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