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Ayd Mill Road reopens with new pedestrian, bike path

The 1.5 mile stretch of road was closed on August 1 to implement a new 3-lane street design with two southbound vehicle lanes, one northbound vehicle lane and the creation of a new shared pedestrian and bicycle trail along the eastside of Ayd Mill Road. In addition to the improvements on Ayd Mill Road and installation of the new bike and pedestrian infrastructure, Saint Paul Public Works determined that the new, lower speed limit on Ayd Mill Road would be 35 mph. The change in speed limit is due to the modified design and use of the roadway, and it takes into account user safety, roadway access, roadway design and adjacent land use. “Ayd Mill Road has challenged our city for over a generation,” Mayor Melvin Carter said of the reopening. “Reimagining this critical route as a complete street we can all use and enjoy demonstrates our community’s commitment to our residents and our planet alike.”

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