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A Night to Remember is a marvelous read

A Night to Remember is a marvelous read

First published in 1955, “A Night to Remember” by Walter Lord remains an iconic account on the fatal collision of the Titanic and the behavior of the passengers and crew. Lord tells how this disaster turned some people into animals fighting for their own survival while others sacrificed their lives. There are stories of partners staring at each other’s eyes as one was lowered into the water, gentlemen tipping their hats in their full evening dress and hundreds trapped below the deck who sought help in vain.
While the story of the Titanic is well known, Lord keeps it taunt as the book switches through different perspectives as the “unsinkable” ship went down. The interviews that Walter Lord conducted is what brought this story to life in a completely new way. This book was the first I had read about the Titanic and it was a wonderful start to my interest in what really happened that gloomy night in April of 1912. 
The story of the Titanic is horrific but also interesting. Lord made the story about the people and not just the event. From a woman deciding what to bring up to the deck with her not knowing that she wouldn’t be coming back, to a first class passenger who refused to leave her Great Dane on the ship so she perished with her dog. It’s about more than a luxurious boat that didn’t survive its Atlantic crossing, it’s about the loss of 1,500 people and the story of the last 3 hours of their lives.
However, it is still a marvelous book! I would like to recommend this book to any person who wants to learn about the Titanic. This classic account will be the only book you need. As this book deals with large amounts of death, it would be suitable for readers 13+.

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