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Ward 3 St. Paul City Council

Hello Community Reporter Readers,

My name is Saura Jost, I am your Ward 3 St. Paul City Councilmember. I am a mom and an engineer and I live in the MacGrove Neighborhood. I am grateful to have been chosen to serve in this role for the community I love. To further the work of making our community a better place I would ask two things of you.

First I would ask that you share your thoughts with Ramsey County about the Riverview Corridor along West 7th. They are currently gathering public comment online, at local events and local board meetings. Whether you’re for one of the two streetcar options or the Bus Rapid Transit option it’s critical we hear from you. West 7th deserves a big upgrade. Our community deserves a big upgrade. What we choose will impact our community for years to come.

Second I would ask that you plug in to St. Paul Regional Water Service’s Lead Free STP program. We hope to replace every last remaining Lead Water Service Line in the city at no cost to property owners. SPRWS has successfully identified these service lines, but we need the property owner’s consent and engagement in order to complete the work. Please take the time to check if your property has a lead service line and then take one step further to see if any friends or family have property with a lead service line and get them signed up.

Lead in our water affects our health and especially our kids. The success of this program will make a happier and healthier future in Saint Paul and all we need to do is say “Yes.” 

Information on these projects can be found with a search on the County’s website,, and the city’s website, Our office would also be happy to connect you to these important initiatives. We can be reached online at or by telephone at 651-266-8630.

Municipal government is not glamorous. In fact it’s frequently the opposite. Old pipes in need of replacing, a road in need of repair, but these are the pieces of our everyday lives. Those old pipes fill your water glass. That bumpy road gets you to work and home again. Help us ensure that infrastructure and our services are the best they can be. Thank you for being a good neighbor.

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