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Phase I of Mississippi River Boulevard Crossing is now complete

Phase I of the Mississippi River Boulevard Crossing project, which includes a staircase connecting the new Hidden Falls plaza overlook to Mississippi River Boulevard Trail, is now complete.

Phase I also included a trail connection from Uŋčí Makhá Park in the Highland Bridge development that passes under Mississippi River Boulevard, leading to the Hidden Falls plaza overlook.

Funding is currently being sought for Phase II, which will connect the new plaza space to the historic stone staircase running between Mississippi River Boulevard Trail and Hidden Falls Regional Park. The temporary staircase will be removed upon completion of Phase II.

The Mississippi River Boulevard Project is a stacked storm water system, which includes a constructed open creek channel alongside a pedestrian path that travels through a tunnel under Mississippi River Boulevard and into Hidden Falls Regional Park. The creek channel is part of the storm water management for the Highland Bridge site, releasing collected stormwater at a controlled rate into Hidden Falls. The trail alongside the creek connects the network of trails within the Highland Bridge site to the Mississippi River Boulevard Regional Trail and into Hidden Falls Regional Park.

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