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Navigating bumps in the road

The declaration of the death of local news may be a bit exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to bring you a community newspaper.

As 2023 was coming to a close, the Community Reporter got a bit of bad news. Our long-time delivery partner, Independent Delivery Service (IDS) let us know about a week before going to press that they were going out of business. What’s more, it was happening January 1. 

We were worried and a bit sad, not just for our ability to deliver the paper to you, but also for the employees of IDS who found out they would be without work just before the holidays.

Needless to say, this caught us off guard. We scrambled to find a solution for delivering the January edition to newsstands and doorsteps and were able to get the issue to our community to the best of our ability. We’ve heard from some of you that the January issue didn’t make it to your home, and for that we apologize.

We have found an interim solution for delivering the paper and will be working with our new delivery service to make sure you can get the neighborhood news delivered to your door every month.

During this transition, we ask for your patience. We’d also like to ask for your help by taking some action.

Let us know how it’s going

If you got this month’s edition, and more importantly, if you didn’t, please reach out and let us know. Email us at We love to hear from you about how we’re doing and want to make sure you are receiving the Community Reporter to your home.

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While this bump in the road may bring some changes to how we deliver the Community Reporter, we are committed to continue bringing you high-quality journalism about, by and for the people and places of St. Paul’s West End.

Thanks for your continued support and patience and we’re glad to be able to continue bringing you the news.

Damian Goebel


Ps. Producing a free newspaper isn’t free. The Community Reporter is working to raise $30,000 for some big plans we have this year. Consider making a tax-deductible pledge of $5 per month – our goal would be met with 500 $5 monthly commitments this year. Donate online at

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