Federation Update

At its meeting on Monday, November 12, the Federation Board heard two presentations. The first was from former Board member Dave Bredemus, about the Federation’s history with Monroe/LMAP School over the decades. The second was from St. Paul Library Director, Catherine Penkert, about the proposed elimination of late fines, Read Brave program, and updates on the West 7th branch of the library.

The Board approved for the neighborhood to participate in the city-wide Neighborhood Honor Roll awards event. To nominate someone for making the West 7th neighborhood a better place, go to for more information and a nominations form.

The Board’s next meeting will be on Monday, December 10 at 7 p.m. at the Federation’s Office, 974 West 7th Street.

Stay in touch: We encourage neighbors to “like” the West 7th/Fort Road Federation on Facebook and subscribe to its e-newsletter on our website.

Contact: Emily Northey, FRF executive director + community organizer; office: 651-298-5599.

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