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City Council updates zoning code to allow for greater housing density

The St. Paul City Council approved changes in the zoning code to allow multi-family housing units to be built on lots previously limited to single-family homes on October 18. 

The change updated the City’s existing zoning from multiple single family only districts to two zoning districts that allow for a variety of neighborhood-scale housing options including, but not limited to, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and townhomes. 

Additionally, the zoning changes increased the allowable size and number of accessory dwelling units allowed per lot, created bonus options for affordable housing, created incentives for keeping existing homes, updated design standards allowed in construction and allow for greater options for splitting lots.

St. Paul’s Zoning Code controls how much housing can be built in certain parts of the city. Based on recommendations in the City’s 2040 comprehensive plan, the City Council called for a housing study to assess conditions for allowing multi-family housing in traditionally single-family residential neighborhoods. 

Phase one of the study was completed in March of 2022 and focused on small housing and parcels. The most current updates to the zoning code represent the completion of phase two of the study.City leaders say these zoning changes will increase the city’s overall housing supply and bring more rental and ownership opportunities for current and future residents. Learn more at

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