Terrace Horticultural Week

Our neighborhood is blessed with one of the finest book stores focused on one topic, though it is a very broad one — horticulture as the art and science of growing, knowing and hoeing about the plant world.

Theatre Elision returns to North Garden Theater

On Friday, December 7, Theatre Elision returns with Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas. This special holiday concert was very popular last...

Tamara Aupaumut, Jeremy Pomani at Two Rivers Gallery

Two Rivers Gallery is pleased to present artworks by two local artists; Tamara Aupaumut and Jeremy Pomani.

Minnesota Museum of American Art now open

The M "100 Years and Counting" exhibition in December is a choice sampling featuring American art from 100 years ago to today.

Lisa Hage dedicated to gardening, West 7th Library

Lisa filled the whole space at West 7th Library with her abundant energy and exuberance and her engaging Storytimes. She will be missed.

Brake Bread’s Share the Loaf

Share The Loaf is a way for Brake Bread to be a community conduit for neighbors to give and receive bread freely and joyfully with no strings attached.

Food Matters: Bread and Salt

A couple years ago there was a beautiful and moving article in The New York Times called “The Flavors That Unite Syrians” by Dalia Mortada, a journalist reporting from Istanbul covering the civil war in Syria.

Homeless Services: What is Available?

Our homeless neighbors are particularly vulnerable this time of year. What can you do if you see a neighbor panhandling on the street,...